Product Tag - 佳有酵3號

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    Strengthening Probiotic Fertilizer


    1. Uses a beneficial microbe formula with first-rate microbes in combination with Symlong Bio-Tech’s special chitosan formula.
    2. Produces fast, noticeable effects, enhancing the fruit yield of flowering plants, pest infestation control, and resistance against harsh environments, overcoming a multitude of setbacks.
    3.Can be used together with any chemicals such as pesticides, convenient and efficient in both time and labor to use.

    Directions for use:

    When drenching the root area, dilute to 250-350 parts water; when spraying the leaves, dilute to around 300-500 parts water.

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    Specially developed chitosan formula.
    Bolsters plant endurance against environmental hardships, pest infestation, and solves any number of setbacks the plant may face.

    Capacity:1L[:tw]品 名:佳有酵3號
    規 格:20kg[:]