Alga Flora promotion probiotics

Alga Flora promotion probiotics

Alga Flora promotion probiotics

1. Decomposes organic matter gathered at the pond bottom resulting in rapid algal facies growth.
2. Rapidly decomposes proteins within the water.
3. Reduce pathogen-caused infections.
4. Improves palatability.
5. Rich in natural trace elements and effective in reducing stress.
6. Suitable for everyday use in combination with feed to enhance aquatic animal’s seedling maturity rates, available to be used at the stage of infancy.
7. Increase growth rate.
8. Reduce ammonia and nitrite concentration.
9. Improves immunity.
10. Rapidly stabilizes algal facies as well as water quality.

Directions for use:
Mix with water and scatter into fish pool, using a dosage of 1kg per 0.1 Hectare for first use, continously using a dosage of 0.5kg per 0.1 Hectaret every two weeks after the initial usage.



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